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Some advantages and disadvantages of the Cell Phone
Nowadays, cell phones are very popular all over the world. Nearly each one of us has, at least, one of them. They have become inan indispensable tool in order to talk, send SMS, play games, etc. But what kind of advantages or disadvantages do the cell phones have?

Some advantages
* We can talk toalmost anyone at anytime in anywhere in the world.
* They let us be closer in spite of the distance.
* We can communicate or ask for some help wherever we are.
* They can helpus with organizing our daily plans.
* They can remind us of meetings, duties etc.
* They can give us some entertainment with phone games, WAP and SMS games.
* They canalso help us with our work when we use them as a calculator, calendar, currency converter, etc.
* Also, they are information sources. From Internet, WAP or new EraOmnix we can readnews from our country and the whole world, sport news, interesting facts and others.

Some disadvantages
* They give the power of bothering anyone, anywhere.
* You can becalled or contacted everywhere at anytime, even, in your private spaces and in your free time.
* You can’t have any excuses of being out of contact or communication. The only onecould be the battery power.
* We can be disturbed or bothered by other people who sit on buses, trains, restaurants, etc., and are talking loudly on the phone. 
* Theirconnections cost more money than stationary phones.
* Also, cell phones are harmful to our health, because of the radiation they create.
In conclusion, I think that although cell phoneshave their disadvantages, they are very usable and necessary. The most important thing here is to know and to learn when we must use them or when we must not.

Henry A. Aguirre M.
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