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Strategic Client Sales Training: Foundations

The Client Plan for Global, Inc. , Global Client View: Global, Inc.
Overview of Client Operation
Compile a brief overview of the company, withbackground information on the client’s business company client s business. • A global consumer goods company • Has several sub-brands that are by-words in the global culture. • In business for 88 yearsOthers are relative unknowns outside their “native” territory • 140,000 employees and Global is working to “globalize” them one by one. • Based in New York City, but with locations in 54 countries • 2007annual revenue: $77 billion; 2007 operating income: $17 billion

Description of current client situation
Summarize the current status of the client’s business, such as recent wins or losses, recentissues, or changes in management. • CEO of 8 years recently lost his job • Aggressive acquisition strategy, aggressive competition over • Company has experienced recent growth market share • Mostrecent acquisition did not have a successful integration

Nature of workforce
Capture the elements of the workforce that might affect opportunities for the Manpower group of companies companies. •Locations in 54 countries • Outsourcing • 140,000 employees

Client buying behavior
Identify any known elements of the client’s purchasing decision process. • CEO favors a “free-market” approach toacquiring services free market • Suppliers of goods and services may be required to participate in • Procurement’s internal leverage is high reverse auctions

Emerging industry trends
List trends inthe industry that might result in threats or opportunities for the Manpower group of companies. • Many consumer goods companies are relocating to less • Increased focus on social responsibilityinitiatives, sustainability expensive locations

Manpower | Strategic Client Sales Training: Foundations

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Strategic Client Sales Training: Foundations

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