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Holloween questions conversation
• What day of the month is halloween?
• Why is halloween celebrated?
• Can you explain the history of halloween?
• How is halloween celebrated in your country?
• Do you believe in ghosts?
• What makes you afraid of ghosts?
• What are some of the symbols of halloween?
• What kind of costume are you going to wear to thehalloween party?
• Is your pumpkin still out ?
• Are you still eating halloween candy?
• Why do you like to celebrate Halloween?

Thanksgiving questions conversation
Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your country? If so, how?
What do you know about Thanksgiving?
• What foods are associated with Thanksgiving?
• What is your favorite Thanksgivingfood?
• What are some Thanksgiving traditions?
• What are some Thanksgiving traditions in your family?
• Do you think Thanksgiving is a family holiday? Why?
• What does "Thanksgiving" mean to you?
• What day is Thankgiving celebrated in the United States? Canada? Your Country?
• What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
• What is your worst Thanksgiving memory?• Why is football often associated with American Thanksgiving?
• If you had to list your favorite holidays, what number would Thanksgiving be? Why?
• What did you do on Thanksgiving this year? What did you do last year?
• Who cooks Thanksgiving dinner in your home?
• How do you cook the turkey?
• What time do you start eating?
• Why do you think people celebrateThanksgiving Day?
• What time of day does your family typically sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner?
• What are some of the things you are thankful for?

Christmas questions conversation
• Did it snow last year at Christmas?
• Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?
• Did you enjoy last Christmas?
• Do people behave differently during Christmas?o Do they try to be better?
o Do you donate something (money, clothes...) to charities?
o Do you give something to homeless people?
• Do you attend any special religious ceremonies during the Christmas season?
• Do you celebrate Christmas in your country?
• Do you celebrate Christmas in a special way?
• Do you celebrate Christmas in a traditionalway?
o Do you have a traditional Christmas?
• Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas?
• Do you eat a turkey dinner for your Christmas dinner?
• Do you enjoy Christmas time?
• Do you enjoy singing Christmas songs?
• Do you exchange presents with your friends at school?
• Do you go to church on Christmas day?
• Do you hang up a stocking?• Do you have a Christmas party at school?
• Do you have a Christmas tree?
o If so, how do you decorate it?
o When do you put it up?
o When do you take it down?
o Is it real or artificial?
• Do you have a part-time job during Christmas vacation?
• Do you have any plans to go to a Christmas party?
• Do you know why Christmas iscelebrated around the world?
• Do you know the history of Christmas?
• Do you remember when you found out that Santa Claus wasn't real/ or when your children found out? What was your/their reaction like?
• Do you see your relatives at Christmas time?
• Do you think Christmas is depressing? (There is a high suicide rate at this time of year.)
• Do you think we will have a whiteChristmas this year?
• Do you usually put up Christmas decorations in your house? (Do you usually decorate your home?)
o How about at your school of the place where you work?< your decorate you>
o Does you school have a Christmas play?
o Does your family have any special Christmas traditions?
o Does your town get decorated at Christmas?
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