Video games

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The 80’s in the video game industry represent a new era in the marketing of these products. This is due the increased sales of games and consoles, as well as to creating innovative and entertaininggames. In resume, the videogame industry goes global. While the video game industry begins to break its borders, the social and political context of the world is a mess full of conflicts. Increasedtensions between USA and Soviet Union (Cold War); United States attacked Libya in response to the terrorist attacks allegedly sponsored by this country. Chernobyl becomes the symbol of the tragic episodeof a nuclear catastrophe that pollutes an entire region. It is up to the end of the decade that the world's environment begins to become more like the video games industry and globalization. RonaldReagan -President of the USA- presents a series of free-market economic measures that are laying the foundations of the neoliberal economy in the coming years. Finally in 1989 it was declared the fallof the Berlin wall. In my opinion one of the reasons because of this videogame is still in force through the generations is due to the charisma of his main character: Mario Bros. The red-cappedplumber has consolidated his image as one of the favorites even among people who aren´t fan of videogames. So also is one of the bestselling games in the industry. Concerning the design of the Super Mariocharacter Miyamoto said: "We developed programming techniques that allowed us to create a character larger than we originally thought. First, we planned to create the game in which the player wasalways a “big” Mario but eventually, we got the idea of "PowerUp mushroom" to make a Super Mario.”[1] The player is wrapped and interacts with Mario through his quest to rescue Princess Peach who waskidnapped by the King of the Koopas. In this adventure the players must face at the end of each world the monsters that guard the castles. Super Mario Bros takes place in the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom,...
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