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Vitus is a young prodigy who not only owns a sensitive capacity higher to the average, but with only five years, he was able to study an encyclopedia. With its few years,Vitus have become a genius of the piano only listening this rom the first time that have a piano in his hands, in spite of his short age has and never befote haven Couch them a piano, he playitexcellent t piano, but he prefers to spend its hours playing in the factory of his grandfathers dreaming that it has a normal childhood. Nevertheless, something will happen and force this small wonder totake the reins from his life. At 12, he's a brilliant pianist, a brilliant pilot, a brilliant snob, a brilliant grandson, a brilliant smart-aleck and a brilliant inside trader. Vitus is the iPhone ofprodigies, and like Apple's coveted device, he's not perfect.

At first sight, nobody can deny that the one of Vitus is a surprising case, but is necessary to say that he is only a fictioncaracter.His history, his childhood and all characteristics are only developed in the musical drama directed by Fredi M. Murer.

But even at such a tender age, Vitus is already apprehensive about all theattention he receives. The kid takes a shine to his eccentric grandfather (Bruno Ganz) and spends most of his free time hanging around the elder's workshop listening to his advice and his dreams offlight.

Between the problems that we can point in the movie, it indicates, “the incapacity from the parents to find the happiness of the son, the laziness of the majors as far as the education ofthe children, the obsession of older people for the fame, the money or the social recognition and the lack of motivations that the modern life gives all to everyone that is out of that is not normal.It's mom who has all the ambition for this kid -- she considers taking time off from work to make his success her full-time job.

In an accident, Vitus suffers a concussion that, according to...
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