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Video Blogging or shortened to “Vlog” is a form of blog, but the source is a video. YouTube users often use this type of vlog. And it can be created fordifferent purposes such as: entertaining, to inform or to teach the audience how to do something, to communicate with someone, to express yourself, etc.
The rates forviews for each type of vlog is different it depends on how well you are teaching something, in the quality of the videos or in the personality of the “Vlogger” and sometimesin the 3 of them.
Normally, each “Vlogger” edit their videos so that they have a better quality or to make it short so that it would be easier for the viewer to watch it.
Asit exists a conference for comics named ComicCon there is a conference for Vloggers named “VidCon” in which the most successful vloggers from around the world come together.At VidCon those Vloggers give conferences for people that pay to go to watch them. The earned money goes to many different organizations that help others. The“VlogBrothers”, John and Hank Green created VidCon. The VlogBrothers created a group that is called “Nerdfighters” which is composed of thousands of teenagers and adults who fight for a betterearth. John is a well-known novelist, Hank is a musician and they both are Vloggers.
To be a video blogger you don’t need to have the best camera or the bestpersonality or to be very spontaneous, you don’t need to be handsome or beautiful, and certainly you don’t need to know a lot. You just need a simple camera and you need to havefun making your videos. The best vloggers in the world started with a small camera and bad quality, and most important, even if it sounds like a cliché just be you.
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