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Getting Started Guide
VMware Player 3.1

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Getting Started Guide

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About This Book 5

1 What Is VMwarePlayer? 7

What You Can Do with VMware Player Features in VMware Player 8


2 Host System Requirements for VMware Player 11
Compatible Virtual Machines and System Images Using Virtual Symmetric Multiprocessing 12 12

3 Supported Host and Guest Operating Systems for VMware Player 13
Processor Support for 64-Bit Guest Operating Systems 13

4 Installing and Running VMware Player

15Install VMware Player on a Windows Host 15 Install VMware Player on a Linux Host 16 Start VMware Player 18 Close VMware Player 18

5 Uninstalling VMware Player


Uninstall VMware Player on a Windows Host 19 Uninstall VMware Player on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 Host 19 Uninstall VMware Player on a Linux Host 20

Index 21

VMware, Inc.


Getting Started Guide


VMware, Inc. About This Book

This preface provides information about the VMware Player Getting Started Guide and links to VMware educational resources.

Intended Audience
This book is intended for anyone who wants to install and use VMware Player 3.1. VMware Player 3.1 users include anyone who wants to create and run virtual machines or virtual appliances. You can download and safely run prebuiltapplication environments provided by software vendors or colleagues.

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VMware Professional Services
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VMware, Inc.


Getting Started Guide


VMware, Inc.

What Is VMware Player?


VMware Player is a desktop application that lets you create, configure, and run virtual machines. With VMware Player youcan use the following features:
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Create virtual machines that can run on a Windows or Linux PC. Run virtual machines, making it easy to take advantage of the security, flexibility, and portability of virtual machines. Access all of the host machine hardware devices, such as USB drives, from the virtual machine.


The terms host and guest describe physical and virtual machines: Host...
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