Volcan arenal.

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Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
The Volcano of Arenal is the only volcano in constantly active Costa Rica since he/she woke up after 400 years with the 1968 big eruption that produces the columns of thebig ash, the explosions & almost shining the red lava every day. One of the ten is considered most of the volcanos asset in the world. This country is on the beaches, rain forest and the spectacularArenal.
The Volcano conical Arenal is the youngest volcano in Costa Rica and the most active. It is a stratum volcano (also well-known as the compound volcano) the volcano of the one high place walksit stands out on the oriental banks of Lake Arenal that he/she has enlarged for a hydroelectric project. Arenal was built by the successive eruptions to the NW of the volcano of Snub older than itcontains a crater of the peak 500 meters width. -the earliest well-known eruptions in Arenal took place approximately 7,000 years ago, and the two volcanos were concurrently active until the activity ofSnub ended up approximately 3,500 years ago.
The growth of Arenal has been characterized by the periodic bigger explosive eruptions to the intervals of the several-hundred-year and period of gushof the lava that the armor the cone. Volcano Arenal that the real eruptive period began with a bigger explosive eruption of Arenal in 1968. Activity of the continuous daily explosive eruptionaccompanied by the gush of the slow lava and the occasional emission of flows of the pyroclastic (the avalanche of the hot gases, stones and ashy that 80km can travel per hour) it has happened from then onfrom the openings to the peak and in the superior western flank. The eruptions of Arenal are of the type of the strombolian (the name after the volcano Stromboli in Italy: A type of volcanic activitythat produces the frequent, moderate eruptions
. Magma generated of the risings of subducting plate and squeezes in the cracks, while reaching the surface in the future in a volcanic eruption....
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