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Wall- E

Wall-E is a wonderful children's movie made from Disney’s Pixar in 2008. It contains great lessons for kids; it also has a myriad of lessons for adults. One of these is the prevailing theme of love and its inconvenience. One thing that strikes the viewer throughout this movie is that the robots seem more human-like than the humans, and the love story between Wall-E and EVE is aperfect example of this paradox. The animation is flawless. It is without a doubt a must see movie. The movie starts off showing the typical day in the life of Wall-E, he does his job of cleaning the city which is what he was made for because the city is completely destroyed and contaminated by the humans who no longer life on Earth. Wall-E is the last robot left on Earth. While Wall-e walks homefrom work with his friend a cockroach, he passes by a screen which is from a while back and it’s the president promoting “The Axiom” which is a giant outer space cruise many people went on 700 years ago. The Axiom is very advanced in technology people don’t even have to walk because there are little robots that do all the work for them. When Wall-e arrives to his home and puts away all theinteresting things he found from work and pops in a romantic film and dreams of one day being in love just like in the film. The next morning Wall-E wakes up, charges his battery which is powered by the sunlight and is off to work again. While he is at work cleaning up all the junk he collects some tools that he has never seen before to add to his collection. However, today he finds something veryimportant, a plant! He places it on a boot that he found. After a long day off work Wall-E walks home and notice a red beam on the ground and he follows it. He hears a loud noise and starts panicking; at this point he is very confused and doesn’t know what’s going on. When the noise stops Wall-E tries to hide as he observes what’s happening, the rocket ship that landed drops of EVE, and the mostbeautiful robot Wall-E has ever seen. EVE’s job on Earth is to find any evidence of life on earth. Wall-E tries to catch her attention but EVE ignores him all the time, until one day Wall-E sees she’s a little upset and so he goes and introduces himself to her however, EVE doesn’t notice a sandstorm coming her way, Wall-E grabs her arm and pulls her inside his home and he shows her his cool collection.They enjoy each other company. Wall-E shows her his plant, EVE scans it and she automatically goes onto shutdown. Wall-E is confused and he doesn’t know what to do. He decided to take her everywhere he goes. He even takes her out on dates. When Wall-E hears the loud roar again he panics, he doesn’t want her to go. The rocket ship returns to pick up EVE and so Wall-E holds on to therocket and goes to outer space with her. When they arrive the robot clean her up and notices that she has found a plant and so they take her away and Wall-E follows her. The robot transports her to the captain deck. When the captain is done with the morning announcements the robot assistant tells him about EVE. A screen pops and it’s the president saying how it’s time to go to earth since EVE hasfound life. When the robot scans EVE again the plant is missing and so they call a false alarm and they sent her to repair because they think she is defected. Where can the plant be? The captain sends EVE to a spa to get cleaned up and while she is being pampered Wall E fears she might be in danger and tries to escape with her. The space authorities think Wall E and EVE are dangerous and so an alarmgoes off and they start to chase Wall E and EVE. She is very mad at Wall E for trying to escape like that. She leads him to a room where he shall be transported back to planet earth. However, Wall E refuses not to go without her, while Eve tries to convince him of going they hear a sound coming from the door, and so they hide and to their surprise it’s a police robot and he has the plant! He...
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