War in irak

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The War On Iraq

      The US led war on Iraq has cost many lives and the disorder of several countries due to terrorism. However none of the things that made Iraq a threat to global welfare havenot yet been found, it has drained the economy of every member of the Coalition, and there are now signs of corruption on the information Coalition members received. It is clear that the threat of Iraqwas not half as serious as it looked.

Firstly, the war on Iraq has cost the lives of hundreds of Coalition soldiers. It is even true that more soldiers died from guerilla attacks after the warthan during the war. Roadside bombs, militant groups and suicide bombers are regularly picking off soldiers, it is not unusual for ten Coalition troops to die in a single day. Yet, the governments arestill piling soldiers into Iraq and keeping them there for longer. As a result, more troops are dying when these deaths can be easily avoided.

Not only are soldiers dying, they also seem to be dyingwithout reason. The one thing that was seen as a threat, the Weapons of Mass Destruction have not been found anywhere in Iraq. The American government has even admitted that they might never findthem, in other words, the war on Iraq has just been a waste of money, resources and lives.

Some of the world’s largest oilfields are also housed in Iraq, and the US led invasion has somewhat stemmedthe flow of oil out of Iraq into the global market. As a result oil prices have shot up. This is not beneficial to the world economy because countries have to pay more for their oil. However the countrythat is affected the most is Iraq itself, because its flow of money comes mostly from dealing oil.

Just recently many government inquiries have found that the intelligence of Iraq’s weaponscapabilities was significantly flawed. This challenges the very reason for the war on Iraq. It is possible that Iraq did not have any Weapons of Mass Destruction at all. So the Iraqi war could simply be a...
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