Why Competition Is Not a Bad Thing, But a Good Thing

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Why Competition is not a Bad Thing, But a Good Thing

All the people in the world always compete without realizing they are doing it. This is because people are always trying to better themselves.However, sometimes competition is perceived in a negative way due to high personal and economic interest at stake between the parties. But this is not bad; on the contrary, it is good; very good.Competition can be considered good in the sense that when people compete, they improve. When individuals improve, they advance. Advance means progress, which is an essential foundation in the life ofeveryone.
People always need to enhance their limits and humans usually need the feeling of improvement and advantage. When a person or company perceives that its counter party has any competitiveadvantage that he does not have; he begins to work on what should be improved to achieve this advantage in the near future. In this way, the person or the company will have the advantages that he had fromthe beginning plus the advantages in which he has being working on. Here is when the competitive cycle begins between the two parts, where each one improves every day.
It is noted that competitionis the best method to improve and it helps personal growth. It allows the advancement of a leader with a dominant position in the area to be developed. It also enables the person to learn from his orher mistakes and to take advantage of them by correcting and improving them.
The competition began centuries ago as an opportunity to reward the performance of people that stand out in any area.However it should be taken into account that sometimes the meaning of competition itself is brought to a negative edge. Here is when bad or good begin to be part in the meaning of competition. This canbe noticed in people that show a sense of superiority in any field and seeks to always excel no matter the means or actions that have to be taken to be in the top level. Often neglecting and...
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