Why Is It Important To Recycle?

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Why is it necessary to recycle?

Name: Andrea Bustamante Rubini

Modality: Essay

School: VillaCaritas

Grade: Sixth

Stage: III


Why is it necessary to recycle?

In the natural environment, recycling is the key process in the eco system whichensures we have fresh water and a continuous supply of nutrients in our soil. It is the way land is created, destroyed and created again. If you ask a random person in the street what they think aboutrecycling, they will tell you it is good for the environment, but they don’t really understand the significance of recycling. Most people know that recycling helps conserve natural resources, but fewpeople know that recycling waste products conserves water, energy, trees, and helps reduce pollution in our drinking water and air.
What can we recycle?
The confusion over what we can and cannot recyclecontinues to confound people. We can recycle glass, plastic, paper, aluminum and steel cans, textiles, lamps and bulbs, batteries, and a lot more.

Recycling in other countries
People recycle allaround the world, for example, in Japan, there is a ministry of the environment and there are also recycling laws. Recycling is Germany's contribution to the global battle for the environment, and thecountry has been very successful in its fight against growing garbage heaps. In Peru, there is no plastic recycling, so everything ends up in landfills or, as is the case with the Urubamba and othertowns, floating downstream to the Amazon River and the ocean.

Use of water
We use water in everything and there is water in everything, even if you don’t see it. For example: we use 15,497liters of water to produce a kilogram of beef; 11,535 liters for a kilogram of hot dogs; 1,151 liters for a yogurt; 11,000 liters for jeans; 10,600 liters for a cotton blanket; 2,900 liters for a cotton...
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