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A first approach to the phenomenon of globalization gives the impression that we face a highly complex phenomenon, whose definition or marking must incorporate economic, technological, informationand knowledge, financial, social and cultural, legal and political. Globalization can be described as the trend towards increasing interconnection and interdependence of all countries and societiesaround the world. Soon comes the added connotation of economic, noting that such increasing interaction and integration occurs very relevant to the level of exchange between national economies, a factwhich, in turn, is caused in increasing international trade and capital flows. But neither is very difficult to observe and point out that the rapid increase of tradecommercial and financial flows alsoincorporates issues or aspects of nature social, cultural and, of course, technology.
Some, with a more humanist philosophies have indicated that globalization is disconnecting the notions of spaceand time, as the component of temporal immediacy that provides the Modern communications technology and enables the interconnection time in actual locations. In the latter sense globalization has beendefined as a process in which geographic distance becomes a factor of decreasing importance in the establishment and maintenance of cross-border relations economic, political, social and culturalrights.

In the present, globalization is not a matter of taste, opinion, or ideologies, but international trade, free movement of capital across financial markets highly structured andinterconnected, the relocation of production processes and services, the incessant innovations in information technology and communications and marketing techniques, marketing and distribution, global, have led toeconomic dynamics, fi nancial, social and cultural which has an inherent inertia. You can at least appreciate the fact that such is the force of this dynamic that may be causing some degree of...
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