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workshop of cinema
12 men cruelly
In the discusssion I return to the decision of the jury it has to do:
1. What type of conflict, the men talks each other?
2. Of 12 characters:
a. Choose onethat bases his speech on facts
b. Choose one that bases his speech on the opinions
c. Choose one that bases his speech on the feelings
3. Explain three sources or causes of the misunderstandings4. Explain two sources or causes of disagreements
5. Give an example of a manageable question and an example of a difficult question and to explain.
6. Describe three not verbal signs identified inthe movie and what they mean.
1) In a trial, and after hearing all the evidence and testimony, a jury composed of a dozen people to decide, by unanimity, if acquitted or sentenced to death adefendant. A man's life is at stake in the hands of 12 people who also have their story.
a. Facts : really there are some men who base their speech in the fact but i only chose one.
The number two incompletely sure for the evidence

b. opinions:
Wha bases his speech in the opinions is number 6 I said that beacuase he says I don’t have so much to say every body has said everything.
c. fellings: whobases his speech in the fellings is the number 3. Because his son leaves away his stay alone so he fells bad for that and his son in begotten.

3. misunderstanding:
When number eleven say anythingand the president says “if you think I am doing wrong the role of president . you can be president so.

Other misunderstanding is the evidence when the woman believed that she had seen to the boykilling you his father the witch was wrong because she cannot look very well.

At the moment to voting the number three thinks that number five vote not guilty but really who votes not guilty wasnumber nine.

DISAGREEMENTS: the first disagreements is the number 8 against the rest of the jurymen maybe the boy is guilty maybe not.

MANAGEABLE QUESTION : ¿What do you think about the...
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