World War Ii

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World War II Timeline


March 12-13:
Germany announces union with Austria.
October 15:
German troops occupy Sudetenland


March 15-16:
Nazis take Czechoslovakia.
May 22:
Nazissign Pact of Steel with Italy.
August 23:
German-U.S.S.R. non-agression pact signed.
September 1:
Nazis invade Poland. World War II begins.
September 3:
Britain, France, Australia, and NewZealand declare war on Germany.
United States proclaims neutrality.
Sept. 17:
Soviets invade Poland.
Later, Nazis and Soviets divide up Poland.


March 12:
Finland signs peace treaty withSoviets.
April 9:
Nazis invade Denmark and Norway.
May 10:
Nazis invade France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands
July 10:
Battle of Britain begins.
July 23:
Soviets annex Lithuania, Latvia,and Estonia.


April 6:
Nazis invade Greece and Yugoslavia.
June 22:
Germany attacks Soviet Union
July 12:
Mutual Assistance agreement between British and Soviets.
July 26:
Rooseveltfreezes Japanese assets in United States and suspends relations.
Aug. 12:
Roosevelt and Churchill sign Atlantic Charter.
Aug. 20:
Nazi siege of Leningrad begins.
Dec. 7:
Japanese bomb PearlHarbor
Dec. 8:
United States and Britain declare war on Japan.
Dec. 11:
Germany declares war on United States.


Jan. 1
Declaration of the United Nations signed by Allied nations.
June:Mass murder of Jews by gassing begins at Auschwitz extermination camp.
June 4-5:
The United States wins decisive naval battle at Midway.
Sept. 13:
Battle of Stalingrad begins.
Nov. 8:
U.S invasionof North Africa


Jan. 14-24:
Casablanca conference between Churchill and Roosevelt during which decision is made that the war can end only with an unconditional German surrender.
Feb. 2:Germans surrender at Stalingrad in the first big defeat of hitler's armies.
May 13:
German and Italian troops surrender in North Africa.
May 16:
Jewish resistance in Warsaw ghetto ends.
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