World War Ii

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All the illusions, dreams, happiness that a child could have, were over, when I was just 8 years old when that horrible war begun named “World War II”. I had lived a perfectly life with my parentsand my brother until that war begun and took me all the joy of being a child and enjoying with my family. I perfectly remember when the announcement of the beginning of the war was given in the radio.People were alarmed, they didn’t know what to do, and they hid in their houses doing nothing more than pray. My dad went to fight in the war, so I only stayed with my mom and my brother we were scaredof all the bombing that we heard.
The operation of pied piper begun on September 1, 1939 its objective was to evacuate children to rural places so they could have greater safety and health, so mymom agreed to send my brother and me to a safer place because she knew that we were in an extreme danger. That day 750,000 children were evacuated and my brother and I were two of them. They put ustickets in our clothes, like if we were some objects, for identify us. I was really scared, I didn’t knew where I was going to live, if was going to see my parents again, when I was coming back nor whowould take care of me. That was a trauma for me that I could never be able to overcome. We were escorted by some teachers of school ,we were traveled in trains, but the trains didn’t had seats, so wehad to sit in the floor, it was a trip in which we have to take food with us to feed ourselves for 4 days. All the children were crying because they had fear of what could happen to them like I did.When we finally arrived our destination, we were all tired and hungry. They made us get down the train and then we were lined up so we could be chosen by the voluntary families, which wish to host usin their houses. I remember when Ann chose me, she said, “I want this one”, like I was some object. I started to cry because my brother was chosen by another family and I didn’t want to be...
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