Hungary Before And After War World Ii

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Hungary Before and After War World II

It is April 4, 1945 in Hungary end of the war and Germans troops are making their way out of Budapest. Before continuing I’ll recap and give you the most important events that let to this moment in Hungary. Starting from the beginning when Hungary was a Kingdom still, two powerful dynastiesruled the Kingdom for 954 years. The first was the Arpad dynasty where the first two great kings of Hungary were drawn, King Stephen I of Hungary crown on 1000 AD until his dead August 15, 1038. Before becoming King Stephen I had to the defeat Kappany, who was the rightful heir of the thrown and oldest of the Arpad dynasty; but Kappany was defeated and Stephen I was proclaim King. This victory wasthe first successful event that shaped the history of Hungary. Through his regime Stephen I was a strong supporter of the Roman Catholic Church making Hungary the European Christian Kingdom stronghold. After his deaf battle and disputes for the crown of the kingdom erupted, it wasn’t until Ladislaus I the greatest king of Hungary came to power. Under his regime the kingdom regains his strength andstability; he expended the kingdom to Transylvania and Croatia 1091, then eleven years later in 1102 a Personal Union of Croatia and Hungary was form putting Croatia under the ruled of Ladislaus I. After his deaf many other king raised to the throne of Hungary until the last of the Arpad dynasty Andrew III of Hungary die in 1301; bringing a great down turn on the kingdom making a gap in thegovernment, organization, and social order. It was not until 1308 when King Charles I of Hungary restored the royal power by implementing new policies like the Honor System which basically was portion of land that was giving to faithful servant for safe keeping. Also new policy and tax system was introduced.
After many other great king shape and conquered more territory for the kingdom; war came toHungary, a war that took an already shaken country after the deaf of King Mathias (1458-1490) who’s successor destabilized the kingdom politically and socially. Hungary fought for 150 years with the Ottoman Kingdom who were getting revenge for their first defeat by King Mathias and the Black Army of Hungary. As a result of the war in 1526 in the Battle of Mohacs Hungary was defeated and ultimatelydivided in three parts when the Turks took Budapest in 1541. For 158 years Hungary will remain under the regimen of the Turks. Therefor history most repeat itself, war started between the Ottoman forces and the united forces of Poland and the Holy Roman Empire in 1683. This event marks the initiation of the decline of the Ottoman Empire which was a major economic and political setback for theempire. Furthermore in 1699 the Turks war ended by the sign of the Treaty of Karlowitz that stated the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. That same year the territory taken by the Ottoman was giving back to the Kingdom of Hungary.
Undoubtedly Hungary went through more struggles to reform the country back to his feet; however, their effort ended up in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, which was a failedattend for independent after they were defeated by the Austria Empire. Roughly twenty will pass until the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hungary is reestablished under the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867. Under this compromise Hungary was no longer subject to Austrian Empire; nonetheless they were ruled by the same head of state and the military was combined. The main reason of this compromisewas the problem that Austria was facing after been defeated in 1866 by Prussia; Austria was losing power, territory and influence to remain united nationally.
In addition to have their Kingdom restored Hungary went through a period of many reformed (1867-1913), for example the Constitution of Hungary was restored, economic development, introduction of modern industrialization, and technological...
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