Xbox 360 repair guide

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Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Guide Copyright © 2008 If For Any Reason You Have Any Questions Please Email Me At Hello and thank you for purchasing my Xbox 360 Repair Guide. Please read over the guide at least once before beginning the repair. Also, please follow the stepby-step instructions carefully and take your time with each step.

Beforeyou start you will need. 1 paper towel Artic Silver 5 thermal compound

Torx 8 screw driver

Torx 10 screw driver

Flathead screw driver

Any small poker

Thermal compound remover/ or the Artic Silver 5 Kit it has the thermal compound and the cleaning kit



Step One: Unplug Your Xbox 360 Powers Source Place your fingers into the USB ports, and then place your thumbon the bottom of the Xbox 360 console and pull the face plate completely off. Step Two: Now, flip the Xbox on its side and take a close look at the holes located on the top and bottom of each side. If you look closely, you can see the gray tabs towards the ends and in the center of the Xbox 360. These gray tabs are what hold the top and bottom pieces on the Xbox 360. To remove the top and bottomgray pieces, you will need a small pointed object as pictured below.

Step Three: Find the gray plastic tabs by poking down into the holes, and then use your pry tool to very carefully push down and pry out the gray top/bottom cover, as shown below. Both pieces have three clips per side, and six per piece. In order to remove the top gray piece, you will need to remove the rubber pad. This isthe only rubber pad you will have to remove. If you are careful you can remove by prying on the front of the gray cover. Please do not force it or you may break the tabs.

Step Four: Please take a close look at the back of the Xbox 360. On the right and left side there are small notches that will require a closer inspection. You will need a small screw driver or a remaining catches. This isprobably the trickiest part of the whole process, so please take your time and be careful! thin probe tool. Using the probe, start on the left side (near power supply socket) push the notch into the Xbox until you hear a click. Then use a screw driver to keep the two sides apart. Once the left side is done, start on the right side doing the same thing to the

Step Five: Please switch around to thefront of the Xbox and undo the four catches as shown below:

Once you have them all separated, pull off the bottom of the Xbox 360, be very gentle. Now, from the bottom of the Xbox 360 carefully flip the Xbox back over. Remove the DVD button arm assembly to keep it out of your way. You just need to gently pry it off the black plastic guide. Next, remove the top cover, watch the DVD button latch!(it is seated in the front metal casing) Disconnect the SATA connecter from the motherboard and lift the DVD drive out of the case. Step Six: Grab your Torx driver set. Using a T10 and T8 for this part of the disassembly. Gently unscrew the six T10 screws (as shown below), and then use the T10 to unscrew all other screws. Now, unscrew the black screws with the T8 driver. Not all Xbox 360’s have thesame color screws. You will have to remove all screws!

Step Seven:

You will now remove the white airflow guide. To remove the white plastic air guide, locate the notch on the top outward side. Insert your probe or small screw driver, and carefully pry the air guide out. It should come out very smoothly.

Step Eight: Next up you will need to disconnect the power for the cooling fans. Useyour small screw driver or small probe tool to pry the fan catches out from the metal guard. This will allow you to remove the fan device from the Xbox 360 Casing.

Step 9 You will need to now look at the front of your Xbox 360 and locate the RF module. Remove the white plastic power cover. It pops right off by gently pulling

on the plastic piece. Remove the three screws from the front...
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