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“Hmmm…. Which one?” Thought Faith as she scanned the aisles of Best Buy.
The Scoobs, plus two; the plus two being Kennedy and herself, had decided to go shopping for stuff to their new home. Gileshad managed to get a hand in the funds the Council used to have and they had bought a place. They bought a large school which had dorms, in which the slayerates where going to stay, and the grown-upsbought houses around the area. Buffy and Willow decided to share, not wanting to lose the familiarity they had found a while back. That of course meant Kennedy lived with them too, and Buffy decided toask Faith to live with them. The once rogue slayer was not sure at first, but Buffy convinced her by saying it was finally they´re chance to be friends, like it was meant to be. Faith really doubtedthey were meant to be friends, but still, there were very few things she found herself not being able to do, if asked by the blonde.
Dawn had decided to stay in the dorms, since she had made friendsamong the slayeretes and she also wanted some sort of independence from her sister.
Xander and Andrew, both decided they would stay in the dorms too, Andrew to cook and clean and Xander just in caseanything happened.
Robin had his own place, right next to Giles. He had surprised everyone by the full recovery he managed and then even more, by wanting to stay in the fight.
So, here they where,looking for electronics for their place. Willow and Buffy were looking for a microwave and blender and that kind of stuff on the shop next door. While Kennedy and her, where trying to decide whichvideogame to purchase.
“Hey Faith” Said Kennedy excitedly “We should totally get a Playstation 3”
Faith chuckled and shrugged saying “Might as well,” she continued to scan the games.
“Really?” Asked Kennedycoming back with a Playstation 3 “a Wii?”
“Don’t tell anyone this, but” Faith moved to grab a game and answered smiling “I’m a huge Yoshi fan” she said showing a Yoshi Story game to the other...
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