A death in oxford

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Dr. Janet Leighton is dead and Frank Williams, an inspector of the Oxford police wants to know why.
He works with Kate Miller, a police sergeant, and Jekins, a police scientist.When they arrive to Dr. Leighton’s house, they can see books and papers everywhere and a body next to the coffee table. It’s the body of a fifty-year-old woman and there is a knife in her bag.Miller thinks someone gets into the house to take things and perhaps Dr. Leighton tries to stop them.
Williams looks at a Chinese dog over the floor. It’s not broken. There is a new book on the coffeetable. It’s next to a receipt. She bought it yesterday in the afternoon.
There is and interesting letter too. It’s about Dr. Leighton’s will from her lawyer.

Next they go to visit Dr. Collins. Sheworks in the Leighton Clinic. She saw Dr. Leighton yesterday and she spoke to her angrily because Dr. Leighton took away her job and she told the Oxford post first, not her.
But she is not the onlyperson to hate Dr. Leighton. There’s her husband and her son.

Next they go to visit Dr. Leighton’s lawyer. They want to know about her will.
She wanted to change her will. It’s nothing for her sonand her husband. She wanted it all to go to HALO- the Help Africa Live Organisation.

First they go to talk to her husband. He doesn’t live with her now. She had got all their money and their house.She saw his wife yesterday to ask for his money and she didn’t him any money.

William and Miller go to visit her son. Yesterday he visited his mother to ask for some money and she didn’t him anymoney. He found there a letter: his mother’s will.
It’s nothing for him. He went out his mother’s house angrily.

In the police station William thinks: “the window and the phone are broken and theChinese dog is not”. Then Miller phone: “It’s Chinese. And very old. Dr. Fischer likes it very much. He says you can get about 100,000 for it.”

What about the fingerprints? Dr. Leighton’s are...
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