A family planets

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A family of planets

Fill the blanks:

1. The average distance between the sun and Earth is .
2. A small rock in space iscalled a (n) .
3. When reviewed from above its north pole, a body that moves in a counter clockwise direction is said to have .
4. A (n) is a natural orartificial body that removes around a planet.
5. A meteoroid that reaches the Earth’s surface without burning up completely is a .
6. To spin a counterclockwise direction when itis viewed from above its North Pole is called .
Multiple choices
1. Which of the fallowing option is not a planet?
a) Uranus
b) Pluto
c) Venus
d) China
2.Which is the smallest planet?
a) Mercury
b) Jupiter
c) Pluto
d) Mars
3. Scientist believes that the water on Mars now exists as:
a) Polar icecaps
b) Dry riversc) Ice beneath the Mercian soil
d) Both a and c
4. The many colors of Jupiter atmosphere are probably cause by:
a) Clouds of water
b) Methane
c) Ammonia
d)Organic compounds
5. of the following which is the largest body?
a) The moon
b) Pluto
c) Mercury
d) Ganymede
Short Answer
1. List the names of the planets:

2. Match:Solar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
a) When the moon comes between Earth and the sun and the shadow of the moon falls on part of earth.
b) When Earth comes betweenthe sun and the moon and the shadow of Earth falls on the moon.

Which of the following you shouldn’t do when a solar eclipse is happening?
a) Look directly to it
b)Take a picture
c) Watch cautiously
d) Both a and b

Prograde Rotation Meteorite
Satellite Retrograde Rotation
Meteoroid Astronomical Unit
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