A Foreigner In New York

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This is a conversation betwen Jason and Antonio. During this conversation he describes his life and his relationship with Jason. Antonio is a spanish boy and his father is from NewYork, Antonio wants to know the city. Antonio just completed journalism and english studies, and he decides to do an article on New York, and so able to visit its theaters, football games, restaurants.CHAPTER 1

When the trip began, Antonio met a George, who said many things about the New York. He explained that the city is a mixture of cultures and religions. At the end of the trip, Georgeoffered to take him to the apartment of this friend and Antonio agreed.
Antonio looked everywhere and everyone was vey impressed with the city. He came to the apartment to Jason.
Antonio described usthe panning of the city and the localication of the apartment of Jason. Jason and Antonio enjoy New York, but soon they are going to rest.


This chapter describes a very popularfestival in New York, Thanksgiving. In this festival is a three-hour parade with clowns, celebrities, balons, music, animals,...
Jason invited his co-woker, named Elaine who explain to them the origins ofthis festival.
Elaine, Jason and Antonio organised a dinner, call dinner for the orphans. It was a wonderful evening and they had a great time.
At the end of the night, Elaine invited to visit NewYork to Antonio the next day.


The next morning Elaine call Antonio to stay. They spent a great day visiting various locations in New York, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and themetro station in Times Square. Elaine explained the history of each place.


When they returned to Ellis Island, Elaine stood in front of the boat to see the Manhattan skyline. But sherealized that something was missing, the Twin Towers. The New Yorkers expect to see them new, and they feel nostalgia. Visited Ground Zero, and Antonio told the story of a friend who survived the...
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