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How it entered to the Australian market?

Name: Carlo Hinojosa
Student number: 100184725
Date: 12/11/2010


This report will discuss and analyze in detail the process undertaken by the company Charlie´s to bring their product to a foreign country, in this case Australia, for this we have used techniques.
Firstly inside the introduction, this reportwill discuss general information, history, problems and possible solutions for the company
Secondly it will analyze this company two types of analysis, PEST analysis to find the political, economic, social and technological factors, and SWOT analysis to find the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats the company Charlie's.
Thirdly this report will discuss on the problems of the companyand the solutions to these problems, and some recommendations.
An finally the conclusion.


1.1 Background information
1.2 Company history
1.3 Aims and objectives
1.4 Statement of problema

2.1 PEST
2.2 SWOT





Background informationCharlie´s Trading Company Limited is a supplier of drinks of the first quality belonging to the companies Charlie´s and Phoenix Organics.
Charlie´s is a famous brand of fruit juices based in New Zealand and Phoenix Organics is a successful brand of quality beverages, they also operates in New Zealand.
You will now find Charlie´s and Phoenix Organics in cafes, servos, supermarkets and restaurantsaround New Zealand.

Company history
Charlie´s was created in July, 1999 by Stephan Lepionka and Mark Ellis, later the group increased with Simon Neal.
In 2000 they launched its first product, started juicing machine oppering in supermarkets Nationwide.
In 2002 Charlie´s launched the first orange juice, and one year later they made mandarins juice, lemon and peach.
In 2004 Charlie´s made abig investment in advertising, televisión, radio and print media, Charlie´s began to increase sales.
In 2005 Charlie´s announces the parchase of Phoenix Organics.

Aims and objetives
The Charlie´s main objetive is to continue introducing into the Australian market in order to increase sales of 30 million dollars for 2010.
To achieve this it is very important to continue investing time andMoney in the Australian market in order to expire with the aims expected by the company in 2010.
The long term objetives of Charlie´s are introduced in a future Asian market.

Statement of problem
Charlie´s bought Phoenix Organics in 2005 it was a company in the same sector with operations in the Australian market, with this parchase them solved the problem of how to enter the Australian market.The biggest problem that Charlie´s has to solve was that the New Zealand citrus industry is too small to support the volume Charlie´s requieres for its rango beverages. Charlie´s to solve this problem decided to invest in production capabilitis in a citrus growing region of Australia to improve profitability and ensure better security of fruit supply.


The analysisPEST is a tool of great usefulness to understand the growth or decline of a market.
Is very important to realize the analysis PEST to this case to know really the position, the potencial and the direction of this company.

Political factor
A big advantage for Charlie´s is that New Zealand and Australia have similar regulations such as labelling requirements, meaning lower compliance costsrelative to other export markets.
Other countries have different legislation and regulation and this means it is more difficult to enter the markets of those countries.

Economic factor
In 2007, Charlie´s announced the acquisition of a production and manufacturing plant in South Australian.
Charlie´s has a clear vision about the role of the Australian market and wants Australian to be worth 30...
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