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RBS 2106
The GSM Macro Outdoor Base Station

RBS 2106 is a high capacity, compact outdoor macro
radio base station supporting up to twelve transceivers per cabinet. It is possible to build one,two and three sector configurations including dual band configurations in one cabinet. Being the latest member in the RBS 2000 family, RBS 2106 is to date the most powerful outdoor RBS in the world.Keeping the successful characteristics of the existing RBS 2000 portfolio and improving functionality as well as operation and maintenance makes the RBS 2106 a very cost-effective solution for growingGSM operators. The RBS 2000 family supports a wide range of applications ranging from extreme coverage to extreme capacity. Being a RBS 2000 member guarantees coexistence with the installed base of RBS200 and RBS 2000 products. Ericsson’s synchronization based BSS features ensure that transceivers from different generations of radio base stations can easily form common cells. Operators cantherefore bridge the past with the future. By making existing sites futureproof, investments are protected while migrating to 3G.

Part of the grow-on-site concept Since it is becoming increasinglydifficult to find new base station sites, it is of great interest to remain on the existing sites as long as possible. Site space is often a limiting factor for capacity growth. The powerful RBS 2106,included in Ericsson’s grow-on-site toolbox, addresses this problem. On many sites, two or more existing cabinets can be replaced by one RBS 2106. This is of major importance, since it makes it possible toreuse the space to rollout WCDMA equipment. The RBS 2106 will pave the way for WCDMA. Also interesting for new locations, the RBS 2106 offers a complete solution in stand-alone cabinet which rapidlycan be implemented outdoors. All the units to run the RBS are included in this single cabinet, there is no need for an extra product.

Doubled capacity – superior performance – same footprint The...
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