7 Methods of memory

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Improve My Memory
1. Play with puzzles daily:
Physical exercises strengthen your muscles, keep you heart running and improve your health, brain exercises strengthen the connections between yourbrain cells, build new ones and improve memory. You can also play Sudoku or games like that…
2. Consciously pay attention to every day tasks:
Observation is the key here. Say it loudly as you dothe task, if it helps. Involve as many senses as it makes sense. It may seem silly at first, but it really helps!
3. Visualize the scenario in your mind's eye:

So by visualizing what it is youwant to remember, you could potentially save yourselves from memorizing several words instead!

4. Attention:
By choosing to attend to something and focus on it, you create a personalinteraction with it, which gives it personal meaning, making it easier to remember.
5. Strategy:

When you learn something new, take breaks so that the facts won’t interfere with one another as you studythem. If you’ve ever been to a movie double feature, you know that you’ll have a hard time remembering the plot and details of the first movie immediately after seeing the second. Interference alsoworks the other way. Sometimes when your friend gets a new telephone number, the old one will still be so familiar to you that it’s hard to remember the new one.

6. Focus:

Alertness, focus,concentration, motivation, and heightened awareness are largely a matter of attitude. Focus takes effort. In fact, most memory complaints have nothing to do with the actual ability of the brain toremember things. They come from a failure to focus properly on the task at hand.

7. Engage:

Your brain remembers things by their meaning. If you spend a little effort extra up front to createmeaning, you’ll need less effort later to recall it. When you read or hear a word you don't already know — for example, "phocine" — your brain has to work harder. First, you have to remember how to...
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