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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2012
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• 2 kg Payload
• ± 0.05 mm Repeatability
• 711/864 mm Reach

Reliability at
an Affordable
At CRS, we make “Human Scale Robots”.
Our robots are designed with the same
range of motionand payloads as the
human arm, making them ideally suited for
light payload applications that require
articulated motion in both the horizontal
and vertical planes. With several years of
experiencein the field, our robots offer low
capital costs, short set-up times, and fast
return on investment.
The A465 robot provides a powerful
combination of high speed flexible
automation, highreliability, and
ease-of-use. Durable servo motors and
high-stiffness harmonic drives make it both
fast and robust. Users will see increased
production rates, reduced costs, and
improved quality forlaboratory automation,
education, and industrial applications.
Typical uses for the A465 robot include a
wide range of laboratory automation and

industrial processes such as machine
loading,dispensing, polishing, deburring,
cutting, drilling, trimming, and parts
The A465 robot uses the CRS C500C
multitasking robot/workcell controller.
The C500C is capable of running over
30processes simultaneously for
complete workcell control, and fully
supports the RAPL-3 programming
language and ActiveRobot™ software as
well as our POLARA™ open architecture
laboratory automationsoftware. These
powerful, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use
programming tools make the C500C one
of the best robot control platforms
available. The open architecture software
design facilitatesintegration with third
party options, making it easy to take
advantage of the latest automation trends.

A465 Six Axis Robot

Elevation View (w/o gripper)

Plan View (w/o gripper)Safety Compliance Standards
CE (European)
EM Emissions:
EM Immunity
Machine Safety:
ISO 10218:1992 (E)
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