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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2010
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Abstract of:
Meyer,Philip. “The Elite Newspaper of the Future.” American Journalism Review 30 (2008): 32-35


This article analyses thefuture of the newspapers in the next years and the ways they can retain their relevance in front the Internet and the new technologies. The author gives someadvice about how do the newspapers have to react and adapt to survive in the upcoming years explaining that they should promote their assets and theirdifferences with the Internet based newspapers and not try to compete with them offering the same type of information. The specialization of the newspapers,for instance, is an important value to compete with modern media systems. More specialization means more focused subjects and more easily identifiedtarget for advertisers.
And other asset that the newspapers should retain is their faculty to give a framework, to put the news on context with a moreinterpretative way of explaining things. Investigate reporting is also a values that the Internet based media lack and the regular newspapers can focus on.
Buttrust and influence into the community are probably the most valued characteristics of the newspapers and key players for its survival.
The authorconcludes that the battle is not yet finished for newspapers, and although they are running out of time they have some assets that well played will help thesurvival of this media. And if the existent newspapers don’t react towards this way new players will come and then yes, a dark future will await them.
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