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A.- Complete the questions with do or does. Then write four more questions.

1. Do you get up early on weekdays?
2. What time do you go home?
3. Does your mother work?
4. How doesyour father get to work?
5. Do your parents read in the evening?
6. When Do your parents shop?
7. Does he meet some frien on Sunday?
8. What time do you have a dinner?
9. Do you do to the party onSaturdays?
10. When do you g oto classes?

B.- Unscramble the questions to complete the conversations. Then ask a partner the questions. Answer with your own information.

1. A: Do you exerciseevery day?
(you every day exercise do)
B: Yes, I exercise every day.

2. A: What time do you eat lunch?
(you what time lunch do eat)
B: At 1:00 P.M.

3. A: Does this class start ateight o`clock?
(at start does eight o`clock this class)
B: No, this class starts at nine o`clock.

4. A: When do you study English?
(study you english do when)
B: I study Englishin the evening.

1.- Complete the sentences. Choose the correct verb form.

1. My parents and I live (live/lives) in the suburbs.
2. Jessica walks (walk/walks) to her office every day.
3. Myparents don`t (don`t/doesn`t) need a car. They use (use/uses) public transportation.
4. Charles drives (drive/drives) to work
5. emma and jim doesn`t (don`t/doesn`t) drive to work. They take(take/takes) a taxi.

1.- Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions

1. I don`t work on weekends.
2. Istart work at 8.30 in the morning
3. Istudy in the evening on weekdays
4. I get up late onSundays
5. I have English class in the afternoon on Mondays and Wednesdays.

2.- What do you do every day? Write one thing you do and one thing you don`t do on each day.

1. Monday Iplay tennison Mondays. I don`t have classes on Mondays.
2. Tusday I g oto class on tusday. Y don`t have that work on tusday.
3. Wednesday I do class in the school on Wednesday. I don`t g oto the institute....
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