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1. manager : a person who directs a team or an athlete
2. surfer: a person who rides as a sport over waves coming in towards the shore
3. designer: a person who makes a drawing or pattern of something to be make or
4. audience: the people listening or watching a performance, speech, or TV show
5.musician: a person who performs on or writes music
6. success: to obtain a good result on what one tried or wanted to do
7. challenge: to confront or defy; to call out to duel or combat
8. occasionally: sometimes, now and then, not often
9. tidy: neat or orderly in appearance
10. languages: a form or manner of verbal expression
11. assembly: the fitting together ofmanufactured parts
12. project: a specific plan or design
13. detention: the act or fact of detaining or holding back
14. discuss: to talk about
15. advertisement: announcement, to act to make a public notice
16. embarrassment: confusion
17. punishment: a penalty inflicted on an offender
18. behaviour: conduct, the way of conducting oneself
19. canteen: a flask for carryingliquids; bar
20. corridors: pl. of corridor: a narrow passageway
21. library: a place where books are kept for consultation
22. orchestra: a group of musicians
23. science lab: a place equipped for the experimental study of a science
24. staff room: reunion place for the personnel
25. under pressure: when someone is trying to force you to do something
26. gadget: small,useful device (like a cell phone or ipod)
27. average: number calculated by adding quantities together and then dividing the
total by the number of quantities
28. gross: very obvious, rude, or offensive
29. nag: one that is old and in poor condition
30. reward: recompense, award
31. cheque: Br. Check: a written order directing a bank to pay money
32. pocket money: moneythat one has to spend
33. text messaging: to send electronic messages
34. succeed: to obtain a good result on what one tried or wanted to do
35. mobile phone: cell phone
36. messy: marked by confusion, disorder, or dirt
37. throw out: to get rid of unnecessary things
38. wardrobe: a collection of clothes, the closet where clothes are kept
39. cushion: soft pillow orpad
40. owe: to be in debt, to possess
41. afford: to be able to pay for something
42. save up: to put aside money, to store data
43. entertainment: amusement or diversion
44. workshop: brief intensive educational program; place where handicrafts are carried
45. queue: a waiting line
46. carnival: festival
47. costumes: pl. costume: an outfit worn to createcertain appearance
48. crowd: large group; to form a tight group around something or someone
49. fireworks: small device that explodes to make a display of light and noise
50. parade: public celebration of a special day or event that usually includes many people and
groups moving down a street
51. stalls: pl. partially enclosed structure where things are displayed for sale;enclosed area with
room for one person in a bathroom
52. atmosphere: the whole mass of air that surrounds the Earth
53. exhibition: an event at which objects are put out in a public space
54. competition: a contest in which people try to win
55. rubbish: trash; Br. words or ideas that are foolish or untrue
56. performance: an activity, such as singing a song, to entertain anaudience
57. accidentally: happening in a way that is not planned
58. apologised: past of Br. from apologize: to express regret, to say sorry
59. approve: to officially accept
60. responsible: the person or thing that causes something to happen; able to be trusted to do
what is right
61. obey: to do what someone tells you to do
62. account: a record of money that has been...
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