Administración organizacional y personal

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objectives (MBO) features trusted
ORGANIZING steps 2)identification and grouping
STAFFING sub functions Selection
objectives (MBO) features better consultation authority
objectives (MBO) featuresmotivation and satisfaction
authority power and responsibility comes centralization
Departmentation is divided by process
ORGANIZING as a grouping people
Management their practice by objectives(MBO)
internal sources involves transfer
Departmentation is divided by customers
Departmentation considers aspects like delegation of authority
Management is another function STAFFING2)identification and grouping of perform activities
STAFFING sub functions Manpower planning
ORGANIZING as a structure of relationship
Departmentation is divided by territory
STAFFING sub functionsPerformance appraisal and compensation
perform activities dividing between individuals
ORGANIZING as a process
Louise A Allen involves 2)identification and grouping
objectives (MBO) defined dynamic systemauthority power and responsibility comes decentralization
STAFFING nature Advancement of technology
STAFFING now separate management function
ORGANIZING types line and staff
functions is simplestand most commonly
ORGANIZING steps 3)task assignment
ORGANIZING according Louise A Allen
Recruitment categories internal sources
Departmentation is divided by product
structure of relationship ofauthority
STAFFING nature Recognition of human relations
ORGANIZING types committee
4) delegation of authority
Departmentation considers aspects like span of control
Selection steps 3)Employmenttests
internal sources involves promotion
guidelines for planning organization
1)Consideration of objectives aimed at
Selection steps 2)Screening of applications
Selection steps 1)Receipt ofapplications
ORGANIZING types functional
structure of relationship of responsibility
ORGANIZING as a functions of management
ORGANIZING steps 4) delegation
Selection After steps Final selection...
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