Adopcion de niños en parejas gay

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  • Publicado : 10 de octubre de 2010
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The family is considered like the nucleus where the society gets involved, it’s organized into fixed roles (father, mother, brothers and sisters), it’s the groupthat raises us , forms us as people establishing our moral values which guide us along our development as human beings. But this concept unfortunately is changing, because we live in a world where somepeople call family to a same-sex couple who adopts a child, they only think in their advantages and not in the problems that the baby could have. Adoption of children in gay couples brings happinessand emotional stability for gay parents, but psychological problems and sexual confusion in children. So could this group be called a family? Or have these people changed our thinking about heconcept of family?

Adoption is a legal act which creates a bond of parenthood between adoptive parents and adopted child, the adoption must fill out some requirement and one of them is the child’sadjustment to her o his new family. But the adoption between same sex couples has been discussed in various forums and environments concerned with issues of childhood. Since the legalization of gayadoption has been accepted in some countries as Germany , Iceland , Norway , United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Uruguy and some states of Australia, they have some pros and cons to justify thisfact and to make other countries think about accepting this controversial topic.

Some people think that the gay couple can find their happiness if they adopt a kid, because if they have thisopportunity, they can form a great family with the person they love. They can fulfill the dream of parenthood and they can give enough affection to a child. According to a study, based on 2006 censusdata, they said that same –sex couples who are raising adopted children are more educated, mature and have more economic resources than other adoptive parents

But what about children? With this...
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