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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2010
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My Biography
My name is Joshua Ramirez Alfaro; I was born on April 15th, 1996 in San Ramon, Costa Rica. My mother has been working as anEnglish teacher. My father studied and now he’s a very good Doctor , my parents divorced, then my mom met Seley my step father and they had ababy, my little brother Sebastian , and my father met Ivania, my step mother , and they had two babies my brother Santiago and my sisterFiorella.
Well my story began, when I got into Kinder Garden. I went to kinder garden, I played a lot with my friends, I was the tall one, so myteacher called me “Hormigon”, at my kinder garden graduation we sang “Campanas de Belén”, it was nice.
Then I started school, in first grade, Idid my first exams, I got a hundred in all of them.
When I passed school, I became a very good student, actually I almost won the“municipalidad’s award” for being an excellent student. I couldn’t because my physical education teacher was a moody person, he was always angry, so I hatehim.
Well, I’m still a good student, I got excellent grades in my exams, I have a lot of friends, and I have very good teachers, I came hereat ENIS to learn English and I’m in it.
I want to study medicine to be a Doctor, actually I want to be an emergenciologist, and I hope tocreate a cure for AIDS because I want to win the Nobel price, I’d like to help the people with their health problems, and that was my Story.
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