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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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AGENDA  “FIFTH SACRED CIRCLE OF WISE ELDERS AND PILGRIMS OF THE PLANET”   Dates: From the 17th to the 22nd of September 2010     Place: Municipality of Silvia-Cauca, in the community of Guambia, onehour from the city of Popayan, capital of the department of Cauca - Colombia.    It is 6 hours from the frontier with Ecuador.If buying flights to Colombia, travel to the city of Cali, which is twohours from the community, whereas Bogota is twelve hours away. Cost: For the right to camp and three daily meals the price is 30 American dollars or 50.000 Colombian pesos. For the indigenousbrothers who wish to take part, their contribution will be in food supplies, as they do not have the economic resources.  Application: By email beforehand, but you can pay on arrival. Armando Guerra Coordinator of the Fifth Circle of Elders or for more information   Climate: The site for camping is2.700 meters above sea level; it is cold at night and warm in the day if the sun is shining. It may also rain during the day.   Requirements:     The pilgrims who are camping should bring a sleepingbag, or blankets, and eating utensils: a plate, a spoon and a cup. We will be camping in the indigenous community.   Other information:                   We suggest that you seek permission at theColombian embassy in your home country, so that the elders who come with their sacred objects, such as feathers, coca and other items, can enter Colombia without difficulty. The official information willsoon be posted on the two websites: and INSTRUCTIONS TO GET TO THE EVENT BY AIR AND BY LANDBY AIR:
The pilgrims and elders arriving from abroad shouldcheck with travel agencies for the aerial routes to the city of Cali-Colombia, then from the airport travel to the bus terminal, and there take a bus to Piendamo or Silvia-Cauca. If the bus goes...
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