Ahorro del agua en mexico

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The PET Mistery
* Area of Interaction: ATL

* Problem:

How can I difference between a human and an animal hair and also between a natural or synthetic fiber?* Inquiry:
* A hair can be identified as a slender thread-like outgrowth form a follicle in the skin of mammals. Composed mainly of keratin and it has threemorphological regions: the cuticle, medulla and cortex.
* A hair grows from the papilla and with the exception of that point is made up of dead cells.

* Parts of the hair:* Cuticule: transicunt outer layer of the hair shaft.
* Coronal: found in hairs of very fine diameter.
* Spinous: triangular in shape.

* Objectives:

*Identify a fiber hair.
* Learn differences between human and animal hair.
* Learn differences between natural and synthetic fibers.
* Make a good research.

If I research about the characteristics of human and animal hairs as the ones of the synthetic and natural fibers, then I will be able to difference them.
*Experiment design:

* Material:
* Corherlips
* Forensic evidence
* Slides
* Lamp

* Procedure:

Look for a sweater belonging to one ofyour classmates and look for some forensic evidence. Then try to discover with the help of a microscope what kind of forensic evidence you’ve got.

* Results:

We found acat hair in Ana’s sweater. We knew it was of a cat, because it was a “spinous” hair; characteristic of animals like cats, minks and seals.

* Conclusion:

We concludedthat the hair founded belonged to a cat because the other options of animals that could be on contact with the person were totally unreal such as the seal and the mink
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