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Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS)
Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS)
Constructed to measure the motor development of infants aged months. toOnly valid in the identification of delays of testing; the long-term predictive validity of the AIMS in identifying future delays is still unknown Constructed by Piper and associates to measure grossmotor maturation in infants from birth through independent walking.

Objectives of the AIMS
1. To identify infants whose motor performance is delayed or aberrant relative to a group. 2. To provideinformation to the clinician and parent (s) about the motor activities the infant has , those , and those not in the infant’s repertoire. 3. To measure motor performance over time or before and after. 4. To measure changes in motor performance that are quite small and thus not likely to be detected using more traditional motor measures. 5. To act as an appropriate research tool to assess theefficacy of for infants with motor disorders.

Appropriate Use of the AIMS
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Can be used for the identification of motor delays in allinfants, 18 months or younger. Can be used for evaluation of motor development over time in all infants, 18 months or younger, except those with patterns of movement. The focus of the assessment is onthe evaluation of the sequential development of control relative to four postural positions: supine, prone, sitting, and standing.

Intentionally designed as an observational assessment tool,thereby requiring handling of an infant by the examiner.

The AIMS may be performed by professional who has a background in infant motor development and an understanding of the essentialcomponents of movement as described for each AIMS item.

Time Requirements
is required to complete the entire assessment. If unable to complete the assessment in one session, the remaining items...
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