Alcoholic facts

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2011
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In the age of adolescents is between 13 to 19 years, is where they begin to test the alcoholic drinks, but already at the age of 18 they can buy their own alcohol. And that forteenagers is a bit serious, because drinking alcohol. And have alcohol in the body is harmful, because the body loses neurons, kills, and can become a vice. Drink alcohol in a early age could becomeaddictive.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages has always been the start of a string of serious problems, but at the time now in this it’s negative effects, new circumstances have worsened. One isthat alcoholic beverages have quickly become more popular among teenagers and young people are increasingly people who drink.
Alcoholism has 3 stages, which are:
• Stage 1
In the first stage theindividual:
1. Drink a lot of meetings. 2. Increases the tolerance and the frequency of ingestion. 3. Drink quickly.4. Suffer mental problems. 5. Feel concern when drinking.6. Drink furtively.
• Stage 2
During this stage the individual:
7. Is a change in attitude and drinking.
8. Suffers loss of control.
9. Drink in the morning to cure the “goma, cruda”.10. Invent a system of loopholes.
11. Suffers from the criticisms of the family.
12. Is aggressive and antisocial behavior.
13. Persistent remorse after drinking.
14. Makes attempts to stopdrinking.
15. Change their way of drinking.
16. Causes the loss of friendships.
17. Feel resentment.
18. Lose your job or change jobs frequently.

• Stage 3
At this stage the individual:19. Suffers long drinking binges.
20. Lost tolerance to alcohol.
21. It takes more time to recover from a hangover.
22. Suffer permanent fear.
23. The system collapses pretexts.

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