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Super Mario Bros. X World/Level Editor Help
Version 1.2.1

1. About The Program
2. Basics of the Editor
2.a Menus
2.b Layers
2.c Events
3. World Edit Mode
3.a Features
3.b Tiles
3.c Scenery
3.d Levels
3.e Paths
3.f Music
3.g Settings
4. Level Edit Mode
4.a Features
4.b Blocks and Tiles4.c Backgrounds
4.d NPCs
4.e Level Settings
4.f Warps and Doors
4.g Water
5. Tutorials
5.a Using Custom Graphics
5.b Moving Layers
5.c Warps and Doors
6. Changelog

1. About The Program
Program created by Andrew Spinks 'Redigit'
Email =
SMBX Editor allows you to create your own Mario Bros. games and levelsutilizing items, enemies and graphics from many of your favorite Mario games including, SMB, SMB2, SMB3 and SMW, and even music from SM64.
Please visit the Forums on if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or to seek further help with the editor.
2. Basics of the Editor
2.A Menus - You will see the following menus listed at the top of the editor window."File" Menu - Contains New, Save and Open Functions. These are self Explanatory.
"Mode" Menu - Choose either to edit the World Map or Levels. When switching between these two modes, you will be prompted to save our current map. Each mode has its own set of functions, please see each modes respective help sections in this Help File for further details.
"Test Level" Menu - Will only appear whenediting levels. Contains the following options.
"Test Level 1up" - (F5) Play the currently opened level to test its playability and proper function as a single player. The player will start where you have placed the Player 1 Start location.
"Test Level 2up" - (F6) Same as "Test Level 1up" but both players will be present, each using their own start locations. If the players separate thescreen will seamlessly split and become a dual screen so both may continue to explore.
"Test Settings" - Here you set the options that will be used while testing the level.
Grab All - Allows Mario and Luigi to grab, carry and toss any enemy regardless of whether or not it would normally be allowed.
God mode - Makes Mario and Luigi immortal.
Show FPS - Shows the Frames Per Second.Something around 60-70 is where you will want it to run, if its higher, you may want to remove a few NPCs from that area of the level as having too many on the screen at once can reduce gameplay speeds.
Max FPS - Runs the game at the highest speed possible.
Fullscreen - Will run the test in Full-screen Mode.
Player 1 and Player 2 - Set what character and what power-ups each willstart the test with. You may also set the Yoshi they will be riding at test start.
"Reset Game" - Removes any previous test run information from the next play through. This includes Midway Points having been reached.
* You may still edit the map while you are in test mode, however any changes you make to the map while testing will not be saved when thetest ends. *The player controls used while testing the level will be taken from the options you have chosen in smbx.exe the last time you played it. So if you want to use a joystick while testing, simply change the player controls in smbx and then load up the editor again.
* Entering any warp that sends you to another level or another will end the test. Hitting Escape will alsoend the Test.
"View" Menu - (Level Editor Only) This contains two very important functions. Layers, and Events. And also the debugger which will show you the levels current and maximum uses of Tiles and NPCs.
2.B Layers - (Level Editor Only) Layers are used to create moving platforms, hidden blocks, and other interesting effects. When you select a layer, the next Tile, Background, NPC,...
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