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1. Reproduction and sexuality
Reproduction ensure the survival of the species, new individuals replace those who die.

2. Male reproductive system
Most of the malereproductive system is located outside de body; the sperm has to be cooler than the body.
Testicles produce sperm in the seminiferous tubules and produce male sex hormones. They are covered by the scrotum.Epididymis is where sperm completes the maturation process.
Vas deferens is where sperm is stored.
Uretrha, also belongs to the urinary system.
Penis, it is an erectile copulatory organ made upof corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum that surrounded the urethra. The end forms the glans that is covered by the foreskin.
Seminal vesicles secrete a fluid that feed sperm.
Prostate, secretes afluid that protect the sperm.
Cowper´s glands, secrete a lubricant that facilitates penetration.

3. Female reproductive system
Ovaries, contains the follicles that produces the ova (femalesgametes) and produces female sex hormones.
Fallopian tubes is where the fertilization takes place, they collect the ova from the ovaries.
Womb or uterus, where gestation takes place. It is form by amuscle and a membrane called endometrium. At the bottom the cervix connect with the vagina.
Vagina is where the penis is inserted. It secretes lubricant and has a partial membrane called hymen.
Vulvais the woman´s external organ. Is form by two folds of skin: labia majora and labia minora. Between them there is the clitoris, a very sensitive organ with erectile tissues. The Bartholin´s glands arefound in the labia and produce a fluid to lubricate the external genitals.

4. Fertilisation, gestation and birth
Fertilisation, the man insert his erect penis in the woman´s vagina during thecopulation, the semen is released (ejaculation) and the sperm reach the ovum usually in the Fallopian tubes. When the two gametes recognize each other the nuclei join together to form the zygote or egg...
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