American inventions

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During the years, there have been a lot of American inventors that have created a lot of different mechanical and electronic things. The majority of these inventions are still used today. They haveactually become important parts of our normal, daily life. Most of the times we don’t ask ourselves where do all the thing that we use come from, if we spent some time to investigate their history wewould realize how much they have developed and evolved over the years.
The cash register was invented in 1879 by James Ritty. He was a saloonkeeper and some of his employees would take thecustomers' money and pocket it instead of depositing the cash. In 1878 Ritty became intrigued by a mechanism that counted how many times the ship's propeller went around. He wondered if he could inventsomething to record the cash transactions made at his saloon. Soon after, in 1879, he made the first version of the cash register and called it “Ritty Model 1”; he patented it in 1883. He decided to sell allhis interest of the cash register to a Jacob Eckert. In 1884, Eckert sold the company of the cash registers to John Patterson who improved the cash register by creating the paper receipts. In 1906,one of the workers of the company invented the first cash register with an electric motor.
The cash register is a very important invention because it helps calculate and record sales transactions.You can also store the cash you have and it keeps the money safe. Without the cash register, mot stores wouldn’t be able to work successfully because it helps keep everything organized.
The cashregisters haven’t changed that much. The only thing is that now they are more electronic than the first ones invented but the idea and the way they work are almost the same.
The first elevator safetybreak was created in 1852 by Elisha Grave Otis. The steam elevators had been introduced by the 1850 but the elevator industry actually started after the installation of the first safe elevator in...
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