Amorino, market survey

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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2012
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The creation of Amorino.

Amorino has been created in 2002 by two childhood friends who's names are Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi. Cristiano Sereni worked in a clothe stores called Max Mara while Cristiano Sereni was the founder of a DVD's retailer called Cinebank. After having quickly worked in a ice cream shop, Paolo Benassi did market surveys and then, the two friendsopened their first shop which was created in the heart of Paris on Ile St Louis. The aim of Amorino was, as they say, "to exact standards of quality, consistency, pleasure and flavour, as well as the cosy atmosphere in their shops". So what did they mean by this sentence? Clearly, we can quote Paolo Benassi on his official website: "Our objectif is to make the highest quality ice cream asnaturally as possible with no artificial colours or flavourings".

In this sentence, the essence of Amorino is well resumed. The brand has been created to give to the customer the feeling of a luxury and natural ice cream they can't taste in another place. In fact, the two Italian friends had the feeling that this kind of high quality ice cream mixed with a natural taste, it's to say "real artisanalice cream", was not easy to find in France. Moreover, ice creams are usually sold to take away. Rare were the shops where you can enjoy to eat your ice cream in. And this is actually one of the backbones of Amorino: to give you a moment to sit and to enjoy eating a ice cream with your friends.

At the beginning, they created their first shop at the place where was a Häagen-Dazs which didn't work.Furthermore, they chose the place of a prestigious competitor: "Maison Berthillon". But whatever, the success was really quick which allows them creating more stores around Paris. Now, the two men are very pride. Cristiano Sereni explains: "My biggest satisfaction is to allow people to discover, through Amorino, the magic of authentic traditional Italian ice's part of my home, mynative culture".

Amorino is not only implanted in France but also in countries like Germany, Spain and England. It has begun a process of globalization we can't deny. It's why I decided to choose this company which is constantly growing nowadays.

The product.

In one word, the product can be qualified of "natural and high quality ice cream". And Amorino makes everything to respect and realizethis purpose.

A lot of different flavours are available and make the strength of the company. Let's show two good examples.

Flambone: This is one of the best example to resume the point of view of Amorino concerning its ice cream: Using only organic and natural products which means no additives and preservatives. In addition, giving to the product a real taste. In fact, given to theinformations on the official website, the raspberry (the fruit used for the creation of the Flambone) is a fruit which contains the highest mineral density and is able to combine sweetness, tanginess and freshness.

Vaniglia: This is another good example of the philosophy of Amorino. The origin of this sensual vanilla ice cream comes from Madagascar. In fact, Amorino is looking for very goodflavours and doesn't hesitate to go far to reach this goal. That's why this fabulous ice cream has been created thanks to the help of the finest Bourbon Vanilla plantations situated in Madagascar.

Here are the others different flavours:As you can see, Amorino sells traditional ice cream but also ice creams which origin come all over the world. The Alphonso Mango is imported from the Maharashtra region in India, the cocco flavour comes from coconuts from Sri Lanka or the Limone comes from the region of Sorrento.

Moreover, ranges of chocolate, sweets and...