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Below you find some thoughts in a study I carried out quite some years back. A number of methodological approaches are discussed.
- What are your comments aboutthe choice of methodology in this case?
- How would you go about making a study to answer the research questions below?
- Write down your comments and conclusions in a short report.
Usethe textbook and/or other sources to structure your thoughts.

Surveys have always be the best way to collect information about a marketing research before to take important decisions. Before toorganize their market surveys they are a lot of questions that marketers need to think about. Then, after have done a market survey, marketers have to think about a way to improve it. In fact, during amarket survey, some kind of reaction can be observed, like an important rate of non-response or a visible misunderstanding of the questionnaire. Those kinds of factors can have a bad impact on the surveyand make the it wrong. So we will try to summarize the point that can help the marketer to success in their survey or to improve it after words.

First, they need to refer to the past survey toknow how they were working. Then, they will be able to know how large the normal deviation from the non responses’ norm is. However, it is very difficult to find to “norms” in market surveys. This is dueto the simple fact than even if they look like, all the market survey is very different from each other. The type of product, the kind of target, the kind of situation…So it is very difficult toguess a “normal” rate of non-response.
However, marketers can try to adapt their survey to the past results in finding common criteria and define a maximum rate of responses expecting.
After doing that,the real organization of the survey starts, like the choice between quantitative and qualitative survey, the order of questions and the way to go to the real purpose.

Secondly, they have to...
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