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Glass Construction

DORMA for safety´s sake Glass – Building material and load-bearing element Overview of DORMA´s range of glass construction hardware Types of point bearing support


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The RODAN system RODAN single-point fixings RODAN spider Universal adapter RODAN tie system (steel/stainless steel) Braced glasspanels 10 - 11 12 - 25 26 - 35 36 - 37 38 - 45 46 - 51

The MANET CONSTRUCT system MANET CONSTRUCT spider Universal adapter MANET CONSTRUCT connection system MANET CONSTRUCT single-point fixings, series EV 52 - 53 54 - 65 66 - 67 68 - 69 70 - 73

The LOOP system LOOP glass retaining ring Universal adapter 74 - 75 76 - 83 84 - 85

DORMA for safety’s sakeDORMA offers sophisticated solutions right from the start. The specialists of our Glass Fittings and Accessories division are committed to innovation and development work involving glass and its unique range of application possibilities. Consistently setting high standards with respect to design, functionality and longevity, DORMA has grown into a leading proponent of the art of structural glassengineering. Glass panels mounted on single-point fixings can be used for a wide range of applications: as canopies and overhead glazings, as façades, balustrades, banister systems and fall hazard protection guards as well as many other structures and constructions. The planning and execution of these designs often represents a major challenge for metal fabricators, with demanding system detailschallenging their skills and capabilities. Simply paying for the glass and mountings is not enough. Installers and fabricators also need to be able to rely on the support of the system supplier, often only the source of the necessary expertise. Approvals for glass constructions mounted on singlepoint fixings often have to be obtained on a case-by-case basis, and the costs involved are difficult topredict. DORMA glass construction hardware not only meets the desire for maximum transparency but also ensures the necessary safety and reliability for the planning and implementation of sophisticated glass constructions. Our proven and patented RODAN, MANET CONSTRUCT and LOOP systems all come with the necessary basic structural analyses, type test certificates and reports, certificates ofsuitability, and certificates of general building approval (including European Technical Approvals/ETAs). Where application correlation can be evidenced, these simplify the downstream approval processes which may be necessary. We also supply detailed technical documents to support each individual project, prepared in close consultation and through design collaborations with users of DORMA products. DORMAis a reliable system supplier and our in-house application engineers can be relied upon to provide effective technical support whenever questions, issues and problems arise. They will also assist users in obtaining necessary permits and approvals for each individual application – with DORMA products and the excellent design credentials that come with them, this is rarely a problem.


DORMAGlass Construction Hardware

Glass as a building material
There is hardly another material that enjoys as much popularity with architects and construction engineers as glass. Within just a few decades, glass has developed from a simple window glazing element into a construction material which, through its enormous potential, has significantly influenced the further development of thebuilding art. This fact is amply demonstrated by numerous spectacular structures in steel and glass which have either been constructed in the last few years or are currently at the planning and execution stages. The reasons for this rapid evolution essentially lie in the technological developments that glass has undergone, leading to improved mechanical strength values and enhanced physical properties...
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