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Knowledge and Understanding

1. Identify a brand whose image you believe is negative. (A) Indicate your schema for that brand; (b) how is that brand currently being positioned. Howmight it be better positioned. (c) Should the brand be positioned close to or away from the category prototype. (d) Describe some brand symbols, visuals, packaging decisions, and advertising strategiesthat might be used to develop a new image for the brand.
2. Take a well-known brand and describe its associations. Based on these associations, state what its brand personality might be. Thenindicate how this knowledge would facilitate your brand name, packaging, pricing, advertising, and product decisions.
3. Go to the supermarket and to a large department store and find as many examplesof brand extensions as you can. For each, indicate the following: (a) Whether you think they are good brand extensions or not and why; (b) Whether any negative effects might be associated with thesebrand extensions. Then take a new product for which no brand extensions exist. Indicate new product categories this brand might successfully extend to.
4. Find a brand that is positioned close tothe category prototype and another that is positioned away from the category prototype. Why do you think marketers chose to position these brands in this way?
5. Visit a local retailer and examinetwo competing products from a single category, such as two shampoo brands or two cell phone brands. What inferences do you draw from the brand names and symbols? Do the brand names accuratelycharacterize each product’s features and benefits. How does the packaging affect the inferences you make about each product? If either product mentions country of origin, how does this influence you arethinking about it? What inferences do you make about these products based on color? Contrast and compare your responses for each competing product. Overall, which product carries the most favorable...
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