Analysis excerpt abinger harvest by e.m. forest

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Analysis excerpt Abinger Harvest by E.M. Forest
Throughout the text we find a sustained metaphor between the sea and the English nature.

|Sea|English Nature |
|Apparently flat and even of 1 colour with no fish. |Apparently imperturbable, even with an impassiveexterior. |
|Closer look reveals various depths and colours. |Closer look reveals the unexpected English romanticism and |
|Fish swimming below trying to get to the surface,distorted and|sensitiveness (emotions) which have difficulty in showing |
|obscure |themselves,|
|Occasionally the fish come out of the water suddenly and |English Literature is a proof of English emotions. |
|unexpectedly| |

Kippling: Differences between east and west. The beauty of the west is to civilise the east. This was and excuse for denyingdemocracy to those countries.

This text has a simple syntax but it is a complex text that seems to be talking to the reader,
In order to male a negative statement we need a positive one.Instances of polisyndeton with nasal sounds in order to give continuity to the prose and emphasising the members of coordination. The author is excited. The pace speeds as the author considers thatforeigners are foolish.
The tone is humorous and restrained. The author does not criticise directly foreigners or English but draws our attention to something very quickly.
The shortsentences bear central information.
To give less seriousness to what you say is to be more persuasive.
Conclusion: The matter is important for him.
Sintax: Deceitfully simple as the...
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