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Gabriel Aragón Ramirez

Anorexia: is an eating disorder where people starve themselves. It’s usually begins with the young people. The persons that have anorexia are convinced that all thetime are overweight.
Some of the common techniques used are excessive exercise, intake of laxatives and not eating.

Anorexia mainly affects adolescent girls.
There are many symptoms some of themare:
* Loss of at least 3 consecutive menstrual periods (in women).
* Not wanting or refusing to eat in public
* Anxiety
* Weakness
* Brittle skin
* Shortness of breath
*Obsessiveness about calorie intake

There are many consequences of anorexia:
They include: shrunken bones, mineral loss, low body temperature, irregular heartbeat, permanent failure of normal growth, developmentof osteoporosis and bulimia nervosa.

Bulimia: is a eating disorder and is when persons forces to vomiting to lose weight. Like anorexia is usually begin with the young persons.

The bulimia, likeanorexia has many symptoms:
* Binge-eating "repeatedly" - eating much more than most people normally do, together with a feeling that they can't stop or control their eating

* Repeatedly andinappropriately compensating for the over-eating, such as over-medicating with laxatives, fasting, exercising to exhaustion, or making themselves vomit

* Been doing these two things repeatedly atleast twice a week for the last 3 months

* Overly judging themselves in terms of the weight and shape of their bodies

Is a disorder in which people have th idea that he or she is notmuscular enough. This people think that they are “too skinny” or “smaller”.
All the persons that have vigorex need to be in the gym all day, and they think tahat is not enough. Muscle dysmorphia influencesperson's mood often causing depression or feelings of disgust.
They are concerning about his or her appearance, especially musculator
The diagnosis of the vigorex are these:
* Constantly examine...
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