Antiguo egipto

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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2010
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Ancient Egyptians

Research Paper
Rocio Salazar
March 12th, 2010

Ancient Egypt grew up along the banks of the Nile River. Many people lived close to the Nile for the flooding but not too close. Over the centuries the Egyptians developed and advanced system of life and built impressive monuments to honor and protect their mummified dead.
The Egyptians believed the worldhad been organized according to the wishes of the gods. The gods were very important in the lives of the Egyptians. According to that, they thought it was their duty to make sure things stayed the same.
One of the most important gods is Osiris, the god of the afterlife. He is the ruler of the dead. Osiris judges the heart of a person who has died against the feather of truth, he judges itbefore the person goes to afterlife. He is married to Isis, the goddess of the living and dead. She is mother to Horus, the falcon-headed, sky-god. Hathor claims that Horus is her son, which is not true. Isis spent years trying to find the body of her long lost husband, Osiris. He had been murdered by his own brother, Seth. Seth was jealous that Osiris was King. He made a special box that was theexact fit for Osiris. He tricked Osiris into getting inside it, and then he closed the lid shut and put him on the Nile River. Before going on the journey, Isis put Horus in the house of friend and put a protective spell over the house so no one would hurt him. She spent years looking for him until she found him in a palace inside a pillar. She found him in a pillar because when the box had rolled upto shore a tree had grown around it and the king of the place had it made into a pillar. Hathor was another goddess. She was closely connected to Isis. She was the one who welcomed the dead into the afterworld. There are a lot of myths about gods; most of them are about gods.
There was much trade with foreign countries. Egyptian people did not have all the supplies they needed so they traded witheach other. When farmers paid their taxes on what they grew, they paid in honey, grain, oil, leather, or flax. These goods honey, grain, oil, leather, and flax, were collected by officials of the temples. They were used to pay almost everyone else in the land, sailors, soldiers, priests, scribes, and craftsmen who worked for the pharaoh of the temple.
Only in Egypt was there one nation, and onlyin Egypt was the king thought as a living god. While the king was alive, he was the falcon-headed, sky-god, sitting on the magical Isis throne. When he died, he became Osiris, and his heir became Horus. Living pharaohs kept a connection with past pharaohs, by recording their own deed in the same style.
Centuries ago there were different kingdoms in Egypt, lower and upper Egypt. There were twokings, one for each kingdom. The northern king wore a red crown with a feather in front and the southern king wore a tall white crown going upward in a shape of a pear. When King Narmer unified the north and the south parts of Egypt, people just put the two crowns together. With Narmer at rule, you could manage the forces of Egypt. He was doing everything for the benefit of Egypt.

Anotherimportant pharaoh is Sneferu. He showed the people of Egypt how to make pyramids. Sneferu built the first pyramid with bricks. He made a tomb with it. Sneferu also built the first big building in Egypt. The pyramid was the first above ground burial. When Sneferu made the pyramids, he kept failing, but he never gave up. The first pyramid he built was called Ruble Pyramid, because when the people wereworking on it, it fell down. The second pyramid he built bent inward at the top, so it was called Bent Pyramid. The bent pyramid got its name because when the people were working on it, there was a little earthquake, and because of the movement, the wall cracked and moved inward. The third pyramid he built is called Red Pyramid; it is called that because when the sun shines on it, it turns red....
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