Anybody out there?

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1. Title, author, publisher, series, headword.
Anybody out there? By Marian Keyes, Published 2007 by Poolberg Press Ltd

2. What kind of book is it? It’s a novel wherethere is a tenderness, love, comedy and instinct for overcoming too.

3. What is it about?
It’s about the life of Ana Walsh. She had an accident with her husband and she had to go back toDublin with her family to care for her whereas all her wounds were healing. She had to leave New York, her fabulous job of a famous brand of cosmetics, her friends and above all, her husband,Aidan, who died in the accident.
Back in New York, she always tried to find and to contact with her husband while all Helen’s histories as detective, Anna’s sister, bring the comedy to thenovel.

4. What did you think of it?
In my opinion, this book is amazing because the characters are different, out of the common and I have enjoyed and laughed with them. Moreover, I thinkthis is a bittersweet comedy where the author describes the scenes and characters with a lot of new vocabulary for me.

5. Something I learned (about people, life, othercountries/cultures, about literature … perhaps a few useful words and expressions … ).
I learned something about the cultures of Irish people and New Yorkers, also I learned that there are people who nevergive up.
This book has been very difficult to read for me because most of the vocabulary was new for me and I had to use much the dictionary, so I learned a lot.

6. Would you recommendit? Yes, absolutely because it’s enjoyable although in some moments is sad and that’s why it is very interesting.

Adjectives to describe a book:
boring disappointing enjoyablefascinating interesting moving tragic
excellent great remarkable useful delightful controversial amusing entertaining instructive readable stimulating thought-provoking …
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