Aplicar la piramide maslow a un vendedor

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Applying Maslow's Needs Hierarchy – Business Management Implications

If Maslow's theory is true, there are some very important leadership implications to enhance workplace motivation. There are staff motivation opportunities by motivating each employee through their style of management, compensation plans, role definition, and company activities.

* Physiological Motivation: Provide amplebreaks for lunch and recuperation and pay salaries that allow workers to buy life's essentials.
* Safety Needs: Provide a working environment which is safe, relative job security, and freedom from threats.
* Social Needs: Generate a feeling of acceptance, belonging, and community by reinforcing team dynamics.
* Esteem Motivators: Recognize achievements, assign important projects,and provide status to make employees feel valued and appreciated.
* Self-Actualization: Offer challenging and meaningful work assignments which enable innovation, creativity, and progress according to long-term goals.

Remember, everyone is not motivated by same needs.  At various points in their lives and careers, various employees will be motivated by completely different needs. Itis imperative that you recognize each employee's needs currently being pursued.
We are Leaders!

Are you a good sales person? Well, read the following tips and find out:
1. A good sales person does not make promises he/she can't keep
It is important that your customers know that they can trust you at all times to do a good job. A good sales person should always keep their promises. If you feelthat you cannot keep a promise then do not make it and be honest with your customers, they will appreciate you more for your honesty. Breaking a promise only leads to distrust and makes a customer feel that they cannot trust you.
2. A good sales person listens to their customers
While a good sales person is all about talking the client into buy something, it is also important that you listen toyour customers as well. Listen to what your customer has to say, know what they like and what they don't, and know their favorite color, all this goes a long way in building a fruitful relationship.
3. A good sales person is helpful, even if there is nothing to gain
It is very important that you are helpful even if there is nothing to gain; this makes a customer feel special and will alsohelp foster a stronger customer relationship.
4. A good sales person is always an expert
Know that a good sales person is always an expert. He knows his product or service inside out. There is nothing about the product that he does not know. By having confidence in what you sell, you will be able to sell whatever you have in a much more effective manner.
5. A good sales person takes theinitiative or goes the extra mile
A good sales person takes the initiative. What this means is that if your customer asks you for something, don't just show them only that. Encourage them to see similar things and provide them with a variety of choice. Also always go the extra mile. If your client is a regular customer offer them a discount or some sort of rebate on the items they have purchased.6. A good sales person says "I will", not "I'll try"
The word 'try' should not be in a good sales person's vocabulary. The reason for this is that it shows your customer that you may or may not make it happen. By using the word 'will' you show that you are in charge and that you 'will' move mountains to see the sale through.

Understanding the sales process

The most common salesprocess consists of the following steps:

1. Prospecting. I have heard many people claim that everyone in Mexico needs English. Let's be realistic: not everyone will buy our services. A good prospect is the one that needs our service, wants it, and can make the decision to buy it. If we want to be more effective in the sales race, we need to invest much more time looking for such prospects.

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