Apollo n18

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LUNAR TRUTH | 50 Years of the First Human Space Mission (April 12, 2011). The first human in space was citizen of USSR, russian - Yuriy Gagrin! | |

Is Hollywood doing NASA’s job of disclosure for them?


The possibility of a 60′s era space alliance between the United States and the USSR’s died with President Kennedy’s assassination andPremier Krushchev’s banishment. In the decade that followed, NASA’s amazing successes were rivaled only by the Soviet’s failures.
 Although a CCCP cosmonaut was the first human to the orbit the earth, it was America’s astronauts who ultimately achieved mankind’s manifest destiny. The world rejoiced as Apollo 11 touched down upon the Moon’s surface, but the communist party seethed – suffering a series ofhumiliating catastrophes.

The Kremlin applied pressure to its scientists and engineers to restore national pride and prevent the rival capitalists from establishing lunar military bases. Unfortunately, those desperate efforts resulted in series of catastrophic disasters which could no longer be disguised by smoke and mirror propaganda nor the obligatory waving of hammer and sickle flags of the past. As NASA’s Apollo manned space missions became ever more frequent, industrious and covert, a paranoid Premier Brezhnev demanded an immediate Soviet presence on the moon. All available resources were poured into the top-secret N-1 heavy rocket program – a massive and highly unstable machine that would seal the fate of the Soviet cold war cosmos platform forever. Its four known test launches all endedin complete calamity. The July 3, 1969 explosion which occurred 23 second after launch remains the worst space disaster in human history.
 Finally, in 1974, the Soviets abandoned their manned lunar agenda and surrendered their separatist ideals by finally joining the American space effort. Prior to this the only public example of co-operation between the two programs occurred to prevent thecollision of NASA’s Apollo 11 craft and the unmanned Luna 15 satellite.

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Kennedy’s vision of a joint space program finally materialized in the mid-seventies when the two nations teamed for a historic space mission. Clearly the Soviets needed the aid of NASA’s precision equipment. But what did the US need from the Soviets? Why would President Fordviolate Nixon’s doctrine and welcome such an alliance in the midst of nuclear arms proliferation, and the violent expansion of communism throughout Asia and the Americas? What was more foreboding, more threatening to the United States than the dreaded red menace? The answers to those questions laid in deep space. And on July 15, 1975, a team of cosmonauts and astronauts set out to find them. Theirmission…

After the efforts of President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev to form a joint space program were sabotaged and ultimately failed, the two rival cold war governments accelerated their competing and covert manned moon rocket agendas.
By the late 1960′s, investigating the lunar surface for alien life suddenly had become an urgent matter. TheUnited States dedicated no less than five government agencies – Majestic 12, Project Sign, Project Grudge, Project Blue Book and the CIA to identify, analyze and conceal evidence of alien encounters. Between 1965 and 1966 at least six NASA astronauts had reported orbital run-ins with space bogeys and gave detailed descriptions of UFO sightings – specifically Gemini 4, Gemini 7 and Gemini 11.Unexplained classified images from U.S. unmanned lunar landers urged NASA scientists to install top-secret fiber optic cameras hidden within the frame work of their Apollo vessels – and create a private radio channel through which mission control and astronauts could communicate covertly. NASA committed to such deceptions after the government committee authored Brookings Report warned the agency...
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