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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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BDM NUSofting Data Installer

Nothing will be written in your Windows Registry by this installer
and no hidden files will be created.

Run the installation wizard and follow the steps. At theend of
the installation process you should see a "BDM" shortcut on your
desktop. Use this shortcut to open the "NUSofting Data" folder.
The "NUSofting Data" folder is the "BDM" data set whichincludes
the default PCM sounds, the default preset bank and the default
skin for the plugin.

Both these archives contain a unique skin for the BDMEditor and 8
different PCM sounds.
Choose to try the one you like the most simply extracting the zip
inside "NUSofting Data" and overwriting the skin and the PCM files.

There you can also find theManual. The manual has important
information about the control of BDM; you should read it to
make good use of the power of this drum synth.

The plugin is the DLL file you have downloaded as aseparate zip
archive. Once you have the DLL in the location recognized by your
VST Host, you'll be able to open BDM and play it.

TO UNINSTALL BDM you only have to delete 3 items:

1) the "BDM"folder and its contents
2) the "BDM" shortcut from your desktop
3) the DLL file, which is the actual BDM plugin

There are *no* other files on your system from the BDM installation.
BDM *will not*install spyware or any viruses on your computer.

BROKEN DRUM MACHINE *is not* freeware.

The demo version also has some limitations as compared to the full
The plugin can't save a bankof presets (FXB) or single presets
A short melody will periodically playover the plugin's audio

Thanks for using our software.
The NUSofting Team.

This software isprovided ‘as is’. NUSofting Team does not warrant
in any way that the functions contained in the software will meet
your requirements, or that the operation of the software will be
uninterrupted or...
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